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 Food as a source of inspiration for yours and your family’s well being.


In the listings, there are food items for you to print: each corresponds to a physical condition.
When you go shopping take the list with you. Shortly, you will identify those foods.

This blog is not a cooking lesson: it’s  an ingredients’ lesson!

All the foods in the listings are easily available in all supermarkets; the foods are also compatible with  western concepts of nutrition. If  you are allergic to one swap it for another in the category.

Please note: foods are not medical substitutes, but they will support your body if you are ill, and keep it well if you are not.

I hope you enjoy this blog and find the information as useful and interesting as I did when I started.

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The shopping basket: feeling tired


Tiredness – foods for energy

Constant unexplained tiredness affects a lot of people and it’s very debilitating. This type of tiredness is often caused by a sluggish digestion that over time undermines the constitution.

These foods make the digestive system more efficient and strengthen the constitution.

As a general rule aromatic foods, such as perfumed  herbs and teas ‘awaken’ the digestion. The action of smelling, which starts with the nose, sends a signal to the stomach to start preparing for digestion.

Warming, not hot spices provide the stomach with energy and help in the digestion.

For this condition it is advisable to select foods with neutral temperature, neither too hot nor too cold.
Corn, oats, rice, barley, wheat germ breads – energise the stomach
Sweet potato, pumpkin, squash and carrots – make digestive system stronger
Cherries, figs, dates, grapes – constitution  tonics
Fennel, ginger, sage – aromatic gently stimulate the digestive system
Horseradish, cinnamon – warming  help the stomach to work
Brown sugar – constitution tonic
Chickpeas, lentils – give energy to the stomach
Tofu – moistens the stomach and gives it energy
Almonds, peanuts – fortify the body
Pistachio, walnuts – fortify and warm the body
Herrings – fortify and detox the body
Mackerel, salmon, sturgeon – fortify the body
Shell fish – deeply strengthen the constitution
Ham, pheasant, turkey – strengthen the stomach
Beef, chicken – moisten strengthen the constitution
Licorice, ginseng tea – moisten strengthen the constitution
Please note: This diet is not a substitute for diagnosed medical conditions – continue to use the recommended therapy and medication as advised.
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Shopping basket: warming foods

Warmth - Fire

When you feel cold

The feeling of cold does not happen in the winter alone. Some people feel cold very deeply inside their body all the time. They might have cold hands and feet or a cold back: sometimes chilblains can be a problem.

These people need to warm their body from the inside. These foods are deeply warming: they are hot, aromatic, nourishing and preserve energy and heat.

Garlic, onions – hot pungent tonics
Basil, chives, dill, ginger, nutmeg – warm pungent tonics
Cayenne, chilli, cinnamon, cloves – hot pungent tonics move circulation
Mutton, lamb, venison, beef – warm tonics
Walnuts, chestnuts – warm tonics help the circulation
All shell fish, trout – deeply strengthening for the circulation, trout is a heating food
Teas: Jasmine, star anise – pungent help the circulation

This diet is not a substitute for diagnosed medical conditions – continue to use the recommended therapy.

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Shopping basket: foods for hair, nails and the skin

Foods that nourish blood and promote healthy hair, nails and skin


Blood quality is important. Blood needs to be rich in nutrients, at the right temperature, with the correct amount of water inside it. Blood can become depleted because of  blood loss, poor nutrition, too much stress, too much physical activity or too much heat. All these and other factors can affect the quality of the blood.

These foods deeply nourish, moisten and enrich the blood, they are nutritious, and tend to be dark in colour.

Oats, rice, wheat bread – energize the stomach, enable efficient digestion
Beetroot, sweet potato, kale, spinach – rich vegetables that nourish blood
Berries, dates, figs, avocado – tonics, berries detoxify
Black, kidney, soya beans – all beans tonify the constitution: bones, teeth, hair colour
Beef, chicken, pork, lamb, mutton – warming, tonic, moistening for the blood and constitution
Cheese, eggs, milk, goat’s milk, yogurt – moistening, very nourishing, good for blood
Salmon, shark, tuna, mussels – enrich, nourish the blood
Condiments miso, molasses, coconut – moisten, nourish blood, miso detoxes as well
This diet is suitable for those who suffer from blood loss, if they are pale, tired, if they loose hair or with whitening hair,  if they have weak bones or poor teeth. 
Some medication causes such symptoms, including chemotherapy.
This diet is not a substitute for a diagnosed medical condition – continue to use the recommended therapy.
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Shopping basket: foods that cool and soothe

To treat your dry skin and help with wrinkles


These foods are moistening, cooling, soothing and  calming.
These ingredients help with loss of liquids in the body. Eat them after child-birth. Add them to help with ‘hot’ arthritis, inflamed skin conditions like eczema, psoriasis, acne and many other conditions where heat and dryness affect the body. They also calm anxiety and extreme states of mind.
Buckwheat, millet, wheat breads – very moistening they help with boils and inflammation as well
Spinach, string beans, asparagus – enrich the blood, moisten the sinews
Potato, tomatoes – moistening
Apple, pear – moistening foods, especially good for anxiety
Banana, mango, peach, plum – moistening
Black, kidney, mung, peas, tofu – all types of beans act deeply in strengthening the constitution
All shellfish, sardines, whitebait – shellfish works on constitution, the others moisten
Beef, chicken, duck, pork – pork is very moistening, others work on the constitution
Butter, cheese, eggs, milk, goat’s milk, soya milk – moistening, very blood nourishing

Condiments: Sesame oil, honey, coconut – moistening, nourish the blood

This diet is not a substitute for diagnosed medical conditions – continue to follow the prescribed therapy as advised.

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Shopping basket: weight control

Excess weight and fat


Excess fat in the body is caused by overeating or eating the wrong foods.  But for some it’s difficult to shift it, even when they follow a diet. That happens because the digestive organs are not able to transform fat into energy. In order to do that, the digestive system needs to be stimulated and warmed gently. This condition often goes with a weak body that needs to be strengthened.

Barley, Rye, Wheat bran breads – these foods make the stomach more efficient at digesting
Artichoke, asparagus, celery, cabbage, lettuce, endives, watercress – this group transforms fat into energy
Carrot, parsnip, pumpkin, squash, yam, turnip – this group soothes and stimulates the stomach
Onions and garlic – hot foods that “kick start” the digestion
Berries – berries nourish deeply and help to detox
Cardamom, cayenne, cinnamon – warm spices stimulate digestion
Basil, juniper, rosemary, sage – aromatic herbs “awaken” digestion
Blackeyed, broad beans, chickpeas, kidney beans – all beans work on the constitution
Anchovies, tuna and mackerel – fish is a tonic for the system but unlike meat, it balances excess water in the body
Dandelion, berry teas –  these teas dislodge, transform fat


This diet is not a substitute for diagnosed medical conditions – continue to use the recommended therapy

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Shopping basket: foods for lumps under the skin

Foods that soften hard lumps


It is quite common to have odd lumps and nodules under the skin. To address this problem we need to add aromatic and perfumed foods in our diet. Aromatic teas and  hot spices stimulate the digestive system, drain excess water and soften lumps and hard skin.
Fruit peels – citrus – citrus peel added to teas or cooking helps the digestion to break down the food
Shellfish – works deeply on the constitution
Seaweeds – this food type “softens” hard lumps in the body (use small amounts regularly)
Black pepper, mustard – hot spices energise the digestion
Yam, plantain – control and balance the water content of the body
Onions, garlic, radishes – hot vegetables energise the digestive process
Rosemary, thyme, sage – aromatics “awaken” the body systems of digestion

Jasmine, peppermint, aniseed – perfumed teas gently stimulate the body

This diet is not a substitute for diagnosed medical conditions – continue to use the recommended therapies. All unusual lumps should be checked by a doctor. Avoid self-diagnosing and self-medicating.

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