Shopping basket: foods for hair, nails and the skin

Foods that nourish blood and promote healthy hair, nails and skin


Blood quality is important. Blood needs to be rich in nutrients, at the right temperature, with the correct amount of water inside it. Blood can become depleted because of  blood loss, poor nutrition, too much stress, too much physical activity or too much heat. All these and other factors can affect the quality of the blood.

These foods deeply nourish, moisten and enrich the blood, they are nutritious, and tend to be dark in colour.

Oats, rice, wheat bread – energize the stomach, enable efficient digestion
Beetroot, sweet potato, kale, spinach – rich vegetables that nourish blood
Berries, dates, figs, avocado – tonics, berries detoxify
Black, kidney, soya beans – all beans tonify the constitution: bones, teeth, hair colour
Beef, chicken, pork, lamb, mutton – warming, tonic, moistening for the blood and constitution
Cheese, eggs, milk, goat’s milk, yogurt – moistening, very nourishing, good for blood
Salmon, shark, tuna, mussels – enrich, nourish the blood
Condiments miso, molasses, coconut – moisten, nourish blood, miso detoxes as well
This diet is suitable for those who suffer from blood loss, if they are pale, tired, if they loose hair or with whitening hair,  if they have weak bones or poor teeth. 
Some medication causes such symptoms, including chemotherapy.
This diet is not a substitute for a diagnosed medical condition – continue to use the recommended therapy.
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