The shopping basket: feeling tired


Tiredness – foods for energy

Constant unexplained tiredness affects a lot of people and it’s very debilitating. This type of tiredness is often caused by a sluggish digestion that over time undermines the constitution.

These foods make the digestive system more efficient and strengthen the constitution.

As a general rule aromatic foods, such as perfumed  herbs and teas ‘awaken’ the digestion. The action of smelling, which starts with the nose, sends a signal to the stomach to start preparing for digestion.

Warming, not hot spices provide the stomach with energy and help in the digestion.

For this condition it is advisable to select foods with neutral temperature, neither too hot nor too cold.
Corn, oats, rice, barley, wheat germ breads – energise the stomach
Sweet potato, pumpkin, squash and carrots – make digestive system stronger
Cherries, figs, dates, grapes – constitution  tonics
Fennel, ginger, sage – aromatic gently stimulate the digestive system
Horseradish, cinnamon – warming  help the stomach to work
Brown sugar – constitution tonic
Chickpeas, lentils – give energy to the stomach
Tofu – moistens the stomach and gives it energy
Almonds, peanuts – fortify the body
Pistachio, walnuts – fortify and warm the body
Herrings – fortify and detox the body
Mackerel, salmon, sturgeon – fortify the body
Shell fish – deeply strengthen the constitution
Ham, pheasant, turkey – strengthen the stomach
Beef, chicken – moisten strengthen the constitution
Licorice, ginseng tea – moisten strengthen the constitution
Please note: This diet is not a substitute for diagnosed medical conditions – continue to use the recommended therapy and medication as advised.
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